Crazy Time best strategies

Get up to:
+500% Bonus
on your deposits
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*New players only

The first 4 deposits will give you an additional bonus up to 500%. The bonus is credited automatically after the main account is replenished. +200% of the amount of 1 deposit, +150% of the amount of 2 deposits, +100% of the amount of 3 deposits, +50% of the amount of 4 deposits.

Crazy Time is a real-time game show by Evolution Gaming featuring a house advantage ranging from 3.92% to 5.59% depending on which parts players bet on. The Crazy Time tactics discussed below are based on ideal RTP and probabilities, which are calculated by betting on how much risk you are prepared to accept in relation to the payoff.

Table and card games have traditionally been the most popular in terms of participant count. However, with the introduction of virtual clubs, the scenario has shifted in favor of slot machines. For many years, video slots were the most popular with gamblers.

However, when games with live dealers were available, the scenario changed. Players are familiar with several subspecies. Crazy Time is a well-known live dealer game that may be found at licensed places.

●   A fun croupier-based gameplay experience
●   Chat with other users
●   Every bet comes with extra benefits
●   Extending the game by spinning the wheel for a longer period
●   Suitable for high-deposit casino players
Brief description of the casino most popular game:

Crazy Time: How to Play the Game for Real Money

Before we understand how to win and try out some strategies, we need to talk about how to play. The rules of the casino entertainment are simple and straightforward. Provider Evolution Gaming almost a year to develop the game to present a unique gaming product. The Crazy Time gambling live game is a round reel divided into 54 sectors.

At the start of the game, a live presenter in the studio demonstrates it and then starts it clockwise. There is a pointer on the wheel which, when stopped – at the stage of determining the outcome – points to one of the sectors with a number or symbol. The outcome of the rotation is the number or symbol of the sector on which the pointer after stopping the rotation.

● Find a suitable casino and register
● Get access to the Live section
● Players are offered 4 modes and betting on numbers
● The funds are credited to the player’s account
To play for real money, you must:

Bonus Rounds at Crazy Time

The most sought-after bonus at Crazy Time. You may utilize them to make the most of your wager. Let’s look at each one individually:

  • Cash Hunt is a money-hunting game with an intriguing reward choice. On the wheel are two Cash Hunt bonus boxes. When engaged, the dealer is sent to a specific location with an interactive screen. The player must select one of 108 targets, each with a different win multiplier.
  • Pachinko. You may get up to x10000 per bet with this bonus. On the main wheel, there are two Pachinko reward squares. When engaged, the dealer also travels to a certain location. In front of you will arise a wall of stakes and 16 cells. One cell will be picked at random to launch the balloon that will determine the winners.
  • The most popular and provides the smallest payoff is the Coin Flip. This reward has four marks on the wheel. When activated, the croupier will walk up to the table, where a coin with two colors is lying. Red and Blue, for which a bet multiplier will be computed. The game is played on the Heads & Tails basis.
  • Crazy Time, which is released every five years, is a true hit. The wheel has one square and a maximum multiplier of x20000 per bet. When this option is selected, the croupier leads you into a separate chamber where you must select one of three colors. A massive wheel with several multipliers and doubling spins.
●   Cash Hunt – 4.57%
●   Pachinko – 4.35%
●   Coin Flip – 6.34%
●   Crazy Time – 1.92%
For the mini rounds, the statistics of coming up can be represented as follows:

Remember that bonuses at Crazy Time might be worth more if the additional multiplier function is activated at the start of your wager. The tactic in the Bonus Tour is to choose the green, blue, or blue clapper. If you win, the bet can be increased by x20,000 times.

Pachinko round implies that the dealer launches the ball down the obstacle panel. Once it stops, the bet multiplier is determined. You can try to watch the statistics and play the demo version to get the idea.

Crazy Time Popular Strategies

Any strategy should be used with caution. They should not be interpreted as a guarantee of winning. This is a game of chance, and nothing can ensure a win. Below you can read about numerous strategies that are logical, simple, and popular with gamblers.

Try to get the idea of each while running the demonstration version of the game. It should be noted that strategies assume a total wager of €10 (or the equivalent in another currency) every game round, with each betting unit costing €1.

10-5-2-1 Strategy

This low-risk method concentrates just on the numbers, covering 45 of the wheel’s 54 sectors. Its objective is to allow you to play for extended periods of time while scoring frequent but little victories.

●   Put two units (total rate of 2€) on section 10
●   Put two units (2€) on 5
●   Put two units (of 2€) on 2
●   Put four units (total rate of 4€) on 1
How to use the scheme:

When you win, you will receive at least twice your stake, but you may also lose your whole investment. If you cover the majority of the wheel, the lowest payment is €8 for landing on sections 1 and 2, and the highest payout is €22 for landing on section 10.

Crazy Time Bonus Hunter Strategy

This method emphasizes bonus levels, covering 9 of the wheel’s 54 accessible parts. The goal of the Bonus Hunter approach is to get as many bonus rounds as possible before losing your cash. The multipliers are the only thing that matter here: if you obtain even one, you might win 20,000 times your wager.

●   Place two units (total bet 2€) on Crazy Time
●   Place two units (total bet €2) on Coin Flip
●   Place two units (total bet €2) on Pachinko
●   Place four units (total bet €4) on Cash Hunt
How to play Bonus Hunter:

This technique will swiftly deplete your money because you will potentially gain the bonus round little more than once per ten game rounds played. In exchange, if a random top slot on the wheel connects a multiplier to one of these portions and the flap pauses on it, you can gain large. Not to lose all your money, just make a certain bankroll.

The Crazy Time bonus round Strategy

The Crazy Time technique depletes your cash quicker than just playing roulette one number at a moment. The goal of this technique, on the other hand, is to take it all or go home empty-handed. This tactic is frequently seen on the streams of casino gamblers.

They put it in the background while also allowing autoplay for a set number of game rounds, automatically putting a wager in the “Crazy Time” area for them. Because there is only one place on the whole wheel where an arrow can halt to trigger this round, the percentage chance of entering a Crazy Time round with each spin of the wheel is only 1.85%.

●   Make a wager on the certain bonus round
●   Turn on autoplay and choose the number of rounds to play
●   Confirm your bet and autoplay settings, then sit back and relax
How to apply the bonus round strategy:

Risk management strategy

The goal of this strategy is to get as many industries as possible. To begin, place the smallest wager on all of them at once. Ensure that your gaming account balance is sufficient for such techniques first. It’s a wild ride at online casinos. It should be remembered that the large losses will be offset by tiny profits.

Such a strategy is intended to raise the number of bets you put, increasing your chances of winning the bonus game. This is accomplished via bonus levels having multipliers of up to x25,000 and paying back whatever money put up to that point. It’s a risky method, but the payout will be considerably bigger as well.

Farm Tactics

This is one of the best and the simplest strategies. These bets should be placed on the green and red block (Cash Hunt and Crazy Time bonus game). A 35% bet must be placed to Roll Dice. You need to choose about 10% of your pot and then divide it into 3 parts (25%, 25% and 35%). There is nothing complicated in applying it.

●   If you have a bank of 100€, bet 2.5, 2.5 and 3.5€ each
●   With a pot of 1000€, you accumulate 25, 25 and 35€
●   If your bank is 10,000€, bet 250, 250 and 350€ and so on

You don’t have to invent anything, repeat the same bets every round, and wait for fortune to smile. If you win, you get a good profit, but it often happens that you can’t wait to get a winning. Be prepared for failure as well, in gambling it is impossible to bet without risk.

This tactic can be perfected. Come up with your own betting amounts and add in an element of raising amounts to cover losses. Don’t forget that you need to change your strategy or game every now and then, so that you don’t encounter complete failure.

What is the RTP of the Crazy Time

The RTP of Crazy Time is determined by which parts you wager on, which bonus games are activated, and whether they are triggered with multipliers. Crazy Time’s RTP, on the other hand, is 95.41% given the infinite period. Knowing the Crazy Time odds provides you a better notion of what to expect in terms of how frequently you will click on any of the eight accessible parts each moment the game wheel is spun.

Tips to consider

Game players with more experience may have realized that everyone plays it differently. In Crazy Time, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. Everything is determined by the amount of the deposit or the balance in the wallet, as well as the degree of betting. Betting on the game is more comfortable with a substantial account.

Gambling is enjoyable when done safely, but anybody who competes against a casino will lose. The only exception to this rule is when you gain success in the game accidentally. Gambling is not a way to get money. There is no one method or system that can turn you into a winning player, since you will always be playing against the odds, giving the casino a mathematical edge. Please play responsibly.

It is strongly advised against attempting any methods, particularly Martingale, Fibonacci, or other sorts of betting techniques. Crazy Time Live methods should be seen as playing game styles in which the amount of risk you are prepared to take has a big impact on your balance and the length of the playing session.

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