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Not long ago, the Evolution Gaming software developer announced the launch of a new game called Crazy Time. This entertainment is incredibly popular among gambling enthusiasts. Many players use Crazy Time statistical analysis tools, such as score trackers, to improve their game.

Spin History

Gamblers look at summary results of previous spins to see game statistics and determine the likelihood of the next result. Using the number of spins since the last time a particular result appeared is a popular method.

There is also a chronological list of the results of previous spins, with the most recent being at the top. Based on all this data, the player will try to make an educated guess as to the best moment to place a bet.

●   Intelligent and logical play
●   A basis for developing holistic strategies and informed decisions
●   The ability to analyze the performance of the game
●   Access to unbiased data from the past.
The pros of studying the casino game’s statistics

How it works

Crazy Time is a game that is streamed from a central server. Regardless of the online casino through which they access, all players take part in the same game. All their states depend on the same spin of the wheel.

21 segments for number 17 segments for number 5Coin Flip – 4Pachinko – 2
13 segments for number 24 segments for number 10Cash Hunt – 2Crazy Time – 1
This is what the Crazy Time wheel looks like

You will see the same result, so in a sense you already have a stat tracker built into the game. In the game interface, you will see the results of the previous 21-wheel rotations. This gives you an overview of your latest results, especially if you have been spinning the wheel. This effectively makes an additional stats tracker redundant.

●   Sector 1 normally falls out 39.13% of the time, as there are only 54 sectors on the wheel
●   Sector 2 is 23.14%
●   Sector 5 – 13.63%
●   Sector 10 – 6.93%.
The results may look as follows

This is all based on the idea that if a particular outcome hasn’t happened for a while, it will happen soon. Or an event is more likely to happen than a result that has happened recently. For example, if Crazy Time bonus rounds are expected to be triggered once every six games, but don’t appear within 15 spins, you might think the bonus round has arrived.

●   Cash Hunt – 4.57%
●   Pachinko – 4.35%
●   Coin Flip – 6.34%
●   Crazy Time – 1.92%.
For the mini rounds, the statistics can be represented as follows

It is the basis of every results’ tracker, regardless of the game. They aim to help the player bet on an outcome that is more likely to happen based on what has happened in the past. This is where math, statistics, and probability theory come into play.

The history trackers

Statistics trackers have a purpose from which players can benefit. You can get an idea of how the game is going by looking at the result. They usually confirm the game statistics in the long term, but in the short term they can be entirely unique.

he story of all spins is a critical tracking element. It shows the results, how many winners there have been and the total payout. It will be interesting to look at this table for those who feel that the spins are being tweaked against them.

In fact, there are a huge number of players involved in every draw, and they all bet differently. So, there’s no point in tinkering against anyone because there will be losers and winners anyway.

Crazy Time trackers

There are several stat trackers for Crazy Time on the net, and they all do the same thing, displaying some or all the following data points:

  • spin records
  • last best multipliers
  • biggest wins
  • how many consecutive spins have not come
  • how often a result has appeared in the last 24 hours
  • comparison of theoretical and actual frequency of occurrence
  • a historical list of the last results of each bonus round win
  • the average win in each bonus round
  • a historical list of the biggest wins.

This data is useful if you want to see how Crazy Time plays out. If you use statistics to try to predict the next spin, betting may benefit. However, you must remember that it is impossible to get any result for granted.

●   Extended information
●   Better multiplier
●   Wheel Spinners
●   Record of all spins
●   Cash Hunt Bonus
●   Top Slot.
Statistics can be viewed and analyzed from several perspectives

Betting strategy in a nutshell

Crazy Time is a game with many levels and many events. Most players tend to chase the bonus rounds, as these are where the biggest prizes are found, but any successful betting strategy will revolve around numerical betting.

The numbers are the most frequent wins that qualify for multipliers from the top slot, which means the winnings can be great. The Crazy Time bonus round is a volatile game, so you can’t play it if you want a quick fix. You’ll lose your money before you know what’s happened.

On the other hand, if you play strategically, you can expect to profit eventually, knowing that your decisions are optimal for the game. It is a complicated game, and you should not play it without learning it first.

Tips and tricks

If you’re looking for Crazy Time tips or tricks, it’s best to use the best strategy to play the game. Never play with the wrong system or without a strategy:

  • Betting time lasts 13 seconds, so you should bet relatively quickly
  • Use the Autoplay feature if you place the same bets in each round. You can automatically play up to 100 spins and set win/loss limits
  • Don’t feel bad if you don’t get a bonus round because you can quickly get four bonus rounds for five spins of the wheel
  • Don’t criticize the casino host when the game doesn’t go your way. Take a break and come back later if you have a losing streak
  • Don’t expect a quick big win at Evolution Gaming Crazy Time is a game where big wins come completely unexpected
  • Expect most bonus winnings to pay out between 10x and 25x.
●   Crazy Time’s theoretical return to the player is 96.08% for bet number 1
●   94.41% for the Crazy Time bonus round bet
●   The average of all payouts for individual bets is 95.41%.
The game’s RTP

The developer has tried to turn everything into a crazy entertaining show, mixing everything that could spice up the game: RNG–based multipliers, augmented reality, slot, and video game elements.

The variety lies in the abundance of bonus rounds that take players into various additional games, each one significantly different and exciting in its own way. This game will appeal to gamers, as each game round is equipped with multiple events.

Plus, they are longer than the usual slots round. Crazy Time play should be fun and exciting. If you feel you are playing too much, please use the responsible gaming tools in your casino.

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