Crazy Time casino game total review

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Welcome to a specialized site dedicated to the game Crazy Time by Evolution. In our project, everyone who is fond of this wonderful Live online show game will find useful tips. We`ill tell you how to choose the best casino with this game. Moreover our experts have prepared a guide that immerses the beginner in the atmosphere of modern online casino game. So, let’s get started.

Crazy Time Introduction

Crazy Time is a unique and exciting Live Show game developed by Evolution Gaming. In this review you`ll get to know where to play Crazy Time in different countries in 2024, what strategies and tactics to use, reviews of live players.

Crazy Time show
Crazy Time is the most famous casino live show

In addition, we will tell you about little-known aspects – from the history of the game’s creation to the list of the best online casinos where this game is available. We will show what actual bonuses for registration each of the casinos provides.

What is a Crazy Time?

This is one of the most famous casino live shows. This game is modeled after television game shows, meaning it is colorful, fun, easy to learn and most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to win real cash winnings

Live casino shows are ideal for those who are looking to relax while enjoying the exciting atmosphere of an online casino, to combine the interest of live streaming and gambling  excitement. The biggest providers of such shows are just Evolution and Playtech.

DeveloperGame (Live-show)
EvolutionDream Catcher
PlaytechSpin a Win
EvolutionMonopoly Live
PlaytechThe Money Drop Live
PlaytechDeal or No Deal
EvolutionMega Ball
PlaytechEvreybody’s Jackpot Live
Crazy Time among other casino game shows

The presenter and studio

Crazy Time is a game, with live streaming from the Evolution Gaming studio, which is located in Riga, Latvia. This is the main studio from where the broadcasts are hosted, and only Evolution Gaming has the right to host this game. Other companies cannot broadcast CrazyTime from their studios, due to the copyright of Evolution.

Game Features

Crazy Time is a Live show, and means that players can participate in the game from the comfort of their own homes. The main element of the game is a large wheel that is spun by the presenter and the screen above. 

Main Wheel and arrow in Crazy Time
The red flexible arrow shows the dropped sector

Players place bets on different sectors of the wheel, waiting for winning combinations to fall out. That is, bets are placed in the pauses between rounds. At the end of a round (also called a spin of the reel), players who correctly guess a sector receive a payout with a certain multiplier.

History of the game

Crazy Time was first launched in 2020 and immediately gained popularity due to its uniqueness. There are no exact analogs of this game, but other games such as Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher have been based on Crazy Time. 

The CrazyTime wheel itself is manufactured by TCS John Huxley. This is the same company that produces the Dream Catcher and Monopoly Dream Catcher wheels.

The wheel is completely mechanical – no motors control the spin speed. No random number generator (RNG) is connected to it. It is rotated by the employee – the show presenter with his hands, and the speed and time of rotation depends on the force of rotation, well, and as a result – the dropped sector.

Since the wheel is mechanical, breakdowns happen. It is known that the rods can break, so they are regularly replaced during the maintenance of the system.

In 2024 Crazy Time gained unprecedented popularity and is represented in most major online casinos.

What kind of players the game is the best for

This game differs from all the usual casino card games, slots or roulette in the simplicity of the rules. Sometimes players just want to relax and not burden themselves with complex thoughts in the game. 

Crazy Time, just like that, attracts due to its accessibility, brightness and the possibility of big wins. There are fan clubs and forums dedicated to this game, for example, on Reddit and specialized groups on Facebook.

How to play and bet at Crazy Time 

Here is a step-by-step list of actions for a new player:

  1. Register at the online casino, select a game, and deposit into your account.
  2. Choose your desired bet and place it on one, or more available sectors of the reel (as long as the timer allows you to place a bet and the reel is not spinning).
  3. You can bet on sectors marked 1, 2, 5 or 10, or on one of the four bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko or Crazy Time.
  4. When the game round starts, the main reel (Money Wheel) and the top reel (Top Slot) start spinning at the same time.
  5. When the main reel spin timer expires, only one sector will fall out. Information about the winning sector is displayed on the main reel with an arrow.
  6. In this case, if the sector you have chosen is displayed on the top screen, the multiplier indicated on the right will multiply the bet amount.
  7. If the bet is placed on a sector with a bonus game and it wins, you move into the bonus game and can compete for tens of thousands of dollars.

In simple words, you can win in Crazy Time by accurately predicting the sector where the wheel will stop at the end of the spin. The safest bet is on sector 1, as it occurs on the wheel most often (21 times) but offers the lowest payout of 1:1. The rarest sector to bet on is 10, which pays out 10:1 and occurs only 4 times on the wheel.

That’s not all. In each round, an electronic drum spins above the wheel, on which appears 1 of 5 sectors and a multiplier that applies to all wins at the end of the spin. If the multiplier is applied to the bonus game, the win values during the bonus game are increased by the value of the multiplier. 

The top slot in the Crazy Time game
Top Slot for Crazy Time game

Bottom screen of the Crazy Time game
The Money Wheel is Crazy Tine’s calling card

Let’s elaborate a common example of a player’s bet:

1. A bet of $50 is placed on sector 1.
2. The reel spins and the arrow points to the fallen sector 1. That means – win.
3. At the same time, on the top screen, a multiplier of 5x is indicated for sector 1.
4. The payout is 1:5, i.e. 50$ x5, which is a total of 250$, which are returned to the player’s account at the end of the round.

Thus, the rules of the game are intuitive and simple. Even a beginner will be able to understand them and it will take no more than a few minutes.

Special features and bonuses

The Crazy Time game is not only about spinning the reel to hit the right sector. Players can participate in bonus games without making additional bets. Bonuses are activated automatically when certain sectors fall on the wheel. 

In fact, these are separate prize games that you can get into if you bet on a sector with that game.

Money Wheel. The Money Wheel consists of 54 segments that contain either a number (1, 2, 5 or 10) or a bonus round symbol.

Nine segments contain one of the four bonus rounds: four Coin Flip, two Cash Hunt, two Pachinko and one Crazy Time segment. This means that, on average, a bonus round should trigger every 6th spin – although we don’t recommend counting on it!

If the wheel stops on a number, the players who bet on it win. If a number has a Top Slot multiplier active, the payout increases when multiplied by the Top Slot value. The game ends and betting time starts again.

The bonus round is activated when the wheel stops on one of the bonus round segments. Only players with active bets proceed to the bonus round. All other players observe the bonus round.

Top Slot. This is the top electronic screen with a reel located above the main wheel. Once the betting time is over, the presenter starts spinning the main wheel of Crazy Time. At the same time, the Top Slot starts spinning.

For the Top Slot to have an effect on your bet, the sector you have chosen must match the multiplier on it horizontally.

In this case, the selected multiplier becomes active for the main wheel spin and your bet.

The maximum multiplier available in Top Slot is 50x, as well as 25x, 20x, 15x, 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x and 2x.

Bonus Games

Bonus games are to make the gameplay more varied and exciting. They give players extra chances to win and the opportunity to get larger sums.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with a large screen with 108 random multipliers. 

Cash Hunt Bonus
Cash Hunt Bonus

The multipliers are covered with random symbols and are shuffled before the player can aim when the countdown timer starts. The player selects the target where they think the biggest multiplier is hidden. 

When the time expires, the cannon will shoot the target and reveal the multiplier won. Each player chooses their own target in this interactive bonus round, which means players will win different multipliers!

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The coin flipped will determine which multiplier is won! 


A coin with a blue side and a red side is flipped, and the side that comes out on top when the coin falls wins. Before the coin is automatically tossed, two multipliers will be generated: one applies if the red side wins and the other applies if the blue side wins!

Pachinko Bonus Game

The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall with lots of clothespins. 

Pachinko Bonus
Pachinko Bonus

The game host throws a puck, and players win the multiplier on which the puck lands. If the puck lands on the “DOUBLE” value, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall will be doubled and the puck will be thrown again – until the multiplier is won! The puck can be thrown again until the multipliers reach a maximum multiplier of 10,000x.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The prize game starts if the sector with the same name is rolled. Then the host opens the red door and invites you to a crazy virtual world with a giant virtual money wheel! 

Crazy Time Bonus
Crazy Time Bonus

Before the game starts, each player chooses their arrow – blue, green or yellow. The game host starts the wheel by pressing the big red button. When the wheel stops, the player wins the multiplier to which the arrow is pointing. 

If the arrow points to the “DOUBLE” or “TRIPLE” value on the wheel, all multipliers are doubled or tripled and the wheel spins again. Only players who have selected that arrow can participate in this round. The wheel can be spun again until the multipliers reach a maximum multiplier of 20,000x.

Strategies for a successful game

Sticking to a strategy in the game is very important. It helps you control your bankroll and increases the chances of a successful outcome. Strategies in Crazy Time have more to do with bonus games, and we will talk about that further on in this review. 

Here is an example of one possible winning strategy from experts who have spent a lot of time playing the game:

I’m betting on two numbers. Sector number 1, the most frequent number on the wheel, which also appears on each side of the bonus sectors. Sector number 10 – because it often appears on opposite sides of the reel and is a high multiplier.

These Numbers regularly receive multipliers from Top Slot. Because one occurs more often than the bonus, you can get some nice wins – the best one is 25x on 10 – I won $500 on a $2 bet.

Make sure the wins cover your current bets from 1 and up to 10. I bet slightly larger amounts on each number to return a small profit when they fall out”.
Strategy tips from a Crazy Time game expert

See the table with the frequency of specific sectors falling out:

Crazy Time Payout Table
Crazy Time Payout Table

I start with a $50 bankroll (plus, the casino gives a bonus at the start), but this will work with any amount; you have to scale your bets accordingly. I bet $15 – I can win $30 on 1, $20 on 10 and in the bonus rounds, whatever happens.”

Crazy Time statistics

Crazy Time continues to gain popularity in 2024. Up-to-date statistics of past games help players analyze the probability of winning combinations and develop new strategies. Using up-to-date data, for example, for the previous months of 2024, allows you to predict results more accurately. 

All the available online stat trackers for the Crazy Time game show how much time has passed since a particular segment of the wheel, say Pachinko, fell out. Read more about this in our Crazy Time stats article.

It’s important to realize that statistics can only cause a player to place the wrong bet, so we don’t consider them 100% useful. Crazy Time is a game of chance that relies on a random number generator (used in Top Slot), while statistical trackers are based on the delusion that some outcome is a “must have”.

While the law of large numbers applies to an infinite number of spins, it certainly doesn’t apply to 10-20 spins, which suggests that statistical trackers won’t do you any good.

Average winnings on different bonus games

Average winnings is the amount that players typically receive when participating in bonus games. It varies depending on the specific bonus and the multipliers that fall on the wheel. The average bet per round is $10 or the equivalent in any local currency. The average win (the most common) is between $100 and $200.

Crazy Time for mobile devices

Crazy Time can also be played on smartphones. This has been possible since 2021, when Evolution Gaming adapted the game for mobile platforms. To play on a mobile device, all you need to do is log in to the online casino via a browser or app. This will be the mobile-web version of the game. 

The statistics of requests on the internet show the desire of fans to have exactly the app:

google keywordquantity per month
crazy time download14 345
crazy time evolution app download7 432
crazy time game download2 349

There are no mobile apps for cash games. There are only similar games for no-money games – entertainment. 

iOS platform. For the IOS platform you can download the application of the internet casino you are interested in, in which this game will be presented. 

📱 Android platform. Google policies do not allow them to distribute applications related to gambling through their store. This means that you cannot download an application of a licensed vendor from Google Play. You can download the .apk file on questionable resources, but it is not safe.

Safety and integrity

Security and honesty are key aspects of any gambling game. Crazy Time utilizes the latest technology to ensure the integrity of the process. Players can rest assured that the results of each round are random and unpredictable, thanks to the use of RNG and a live presenter. 

Evolution Gaming is a proven developer with an impeccable reputation in the industry, which further confirms the reliability of the game.

Random Number Generator

The integrity of the game is ensured by the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) and a live host who spins the wheel. The RNG is responsible for the random distribution of multipliers, while the host guarantees the transparency of the process. The RNG is only used for Top Slot.

Return to Player Percentage

The return to player (RTP) percentage at Crazy Time is around 96%. This figure is based on the total amount of bets and winnings paid out. This indicator does not mean that every player on the deposited 100$ is guaranteed to get back his 96$. The indicator means that at a distance of about 1 million spins, the organizer of the game receives about 4%.

Where to play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is available at various online casinos such as Betway Casino, LeoVegas and 888 Casino. The benefits of playing at these casinos include bonuses, high security and a user-friendly interface. The features of the game may differ slightly depending on the player’s country of residence, such as Russia or Italy.

What should be considered when choosing a casino?

  1. Its legality and certification for a particular jurisdiction. This will avoid potential problems with the payment of winnings.
  2. The presence of available payment systems. To deposit money, and most importantly, to receive winnings should be easy and convenient.
  3. Availability of welcome bonuses and bonuses for big players. It is always nice to get a reward (gift) for free games.
  4. Ease of access to the casino in your area. If a casino site is constantly shut down by a regulator and you have to find its new address, it becomes inconvenient. Ideally have an app or play from a desktop computer.

On our website you can always find a list of casinos with the best bonuses, instant payouts and great game graphics. By registering at a casino with us, you are guaranteed to get access to Crazy Time games from the best and trusted gaming operators.

Experienced players about Crazy Time

Experienced players share their tactics and tricks on forums and YouTube channels. They talk about their strategies that help them win big. You can find information on YouTube. In the section “What kind of players the game is aimed at” we have provided links to social media groups and discussions about this game.

Successful players often share their stories in interviews to inspire others and share strategies. This helps new players understand how to succeed at Crazy Time.

Player feedback helps you understand which aspects of the game are particularly valuable. Positive reviews include comments about exciting gameplay and high winnings, while negative reviews include comments about high volatility and possible losses. Player opinions are important for analyzing and improving the gaming experience.

great game with big winningsexcessive volatility
I like to interact with the presentersometimes it’s hard to win.
the graphics and sound are top-notchhigh stakes for bonus games
exciting bonus roundsluck dependence
home gamingit’s a little tricky for beginners

Here are typical fan feedbacks of this game:

Crazy Time ratings
Popular Crazy Time reviews and player ratings

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoid common mistakes such as playing without strategy and bankroll management. Learn from the mistakes of others and apply successful tactics. The right approach to the game will help minimize risks and increase your chances of success. Major mistakes include betting on the same sectors and ignoring bonus rounds.


Crazy Time is an exciting and addictive game that combines elements of Live show and gambling gameplay. With unique features, bonus rounds and a high level of interactivity, this game appeals to beginners and experienced players alike. By following our recommendations and strategic tips, you can improve your chances of success and maximize your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play this game?

Go to the online casino, register and select the Crazy Time game. This is a Live show where the host spins the wheel and you place bets on different sectors. The game process is simple and intuitive, making it accessible to all players.

What bonus games are available?

There are four bonus games available in Crazy Time: Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time. Each offers unique winning opportunities and a variety of game mechanics, making them appealing to players.

Where can I find strategies for the game?

Strategies for the game can be found on our website and YouTube channels of experienced players. Many of them share their tactics and tips to help you increase your chances of winning and improve your gaming experience.

What is the RTP?

Crazy Time’s RTP (Return to Player) is around 96%. This means that, on average, players get back 96% of their total bets in the long run, making the game fair and attractive.

Can the game be played for free?

No, the Crazy Time game is only available for real money. However, you can watch the game without betting to better understand the rules and mechanics before you start playing for money.

How do I check the fairness of the game?

The integrity of the game is ensured by the use of a random number generator (RNG) and a live host who spins the wheel. This eliminates the possibility of tampering with the results and ensures that the game is fair.

Can this game be played on mobile devices?

Yes, the game is available on smartphones and tablets. Evolution Gaming has adapted Crazy Time for mobile platforms so that you can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

Who is streaming show?

The broadcasts are hosted from Evolution Gaming’s studio in Riga, Latvia. The hosts are professional dealers who ensure high quality of the show and interaction with the players.

Can other companies host Crazy Time broadcasts?

No, only Evolution Gaming is authorized to host this game. This ensures a high standard of quality and integrity that maintains the reputation of the game.

How often are the win statistics updated?

Winning statistics are updated monthly, allowing players to analyze fresh data and develop new strategies. For up-to-date information, you can visit this site.

Which casinos offer Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is available at popular online casinos such as Betway Casino, LeoVegas and 888 Casino. These casinos offer attractive bonuses, high security and a user-friendly interface for players.

What should I do if I have problems with the game?

If you have problems with the game, contact the casino’s support team. They will help resolve any technical issues and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

What are the minimum bets?

Minimum bets vary from casino to casino, but they usually start from $0.10 to $0.50. This makes the game accessible to players with different budgets.

Is there a demo version of the game?

No, Crazy Time is only available for real money play. However, you can watch the game without betting to familiarize yourself with the rules and mechanics.

How can I maximize my chances of winning?

Use strategies, analyze statistics and play responsibly. It is important to control your bankroll and not to make big bets on every game. A balanced approach will help you increase your chances of success.

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