Crazy Time slots in Greek Casinos

Crazy Time

The world-famous Crazy Time game became popular thanks to Evolution — the leading provider of online casino games. The game is also available for fans from Greece and in this article we will explain how and where to play it online while in Greece. It is important that we will discuss mainly licensed casinos by the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC).

What is Crazy Time

Plenty of people prefer real dealer casino games to slots because they offer more interaction. In such entertainments, players can enjoy a crazy gaming experience as they are handled by professional presenters and dealers.

The entire live process takes place remotely. Nevertheless, the setting is as close to the real thing as possible. The player only needs an internet-connected device to immerse themselves in an exciting and emotionally stimulating world.

●    There are no RNG or AI, but interaction with real people
●    Live mode has no element of automation
●    All financial transactions are computerized – the likelihood of mistakes is minimal.
The advantages of running casino games in live mode

A virtual venue with a real croupier mode can be chosen based on the following criteria:

●    Availability of a valid license
●    Decent live gaming operators
●    Bonuses and free spins
●    Feedback from real gamblers
●    The convenience and security of financial transactions.

A virtual venue with a real croupier mode can be chosen based on the following criteria

How to play online in Greece

In Greece, gambling is regulated by the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC). The HGC not only licenses websites, but also ensures that operators adhere to strict standards to guarantee the fairness of the game and the safety of players. Licensing also ensures that sites have undergone rigorous independent testing to confirm site safety and security

Crazy Time
Official site of the gambling regulator in Greece

On our website, you can find reviews of the most popular online casinos that operate legally. In addition, we will tell you about the methods of payment of bets and withdrawal of winnings, methods of responsible gaming.

The rules of the game

When you start spinning the “Crazy” wheel, you will see eight possible options for betting: 1, 2, 5, 10. You can either bet on one of these options or all of them at once.

●   Choose one of the numbers and place a bet
●   Once the bets are placed, it’s time to make a spin
●   The process is repeated until the bonus game is activated.
The order of the steps

When you start spinning the casino wheel, the symbol and the multiplier will appear randomly on the scoreboard above. If this symbol appears on the wheel, it’s time for your stake to be automatically multiplied by this multiplier.

● Payout for winning 1 segment is 1:1
● Payout for winning 2 segments – 2:1
● Payout for winning 5 segments – 5:1;10-segment payout – 10:1
● Mini rounds are up to mBTC 100,000.
Payouts you can collect in Crazy Time

There are four mini rounds that gamblers can enjoy while playing Crazy Time. They are presented below:

Cash Hunt mini-game

Cash Hunt. The cannon fires 108 hidden and random multipliers into the wall. All multipliers fired by the cannon are combined and applied to the round’s winnings.

Pachinko mini-game

Pachinko. 16 multipliers can be obtained by dropping the puck onto the wall with the pins. If the puck falls on Double, the value of all multipliers is doubled, and the puck is thrown again.

Coin Flip mini-game

Coin Flip. Each red and blue side of the coin receives a randomly selected multiplier. Subsequently, the coin is flipped, and the winning multiplier is added to all round winnings.

Crazy Time mini-game

Crazy Time. This little round activates a bigger wheel with 64 segments. Winners must choose one of the three clappers and get the multiplier one printed on their clapper. In a best way, all multipliers dramatically increase in value.

What winnings can be obtained at Crazy Time?

●     The maximum value is x700
●     If several doubles are rolled, the maximum value can exceed, x5000
●     The minimum number of winnings in the wheel is x50 of the bet amount.

Make sure you place your bets before the allotted time has elapsed, remember to treat this process responsibly. Now the game is also available for download as a mobile application to your smartphone.

Tips for winning the game

Although it’s a game of chance, some players have developed numerous tips that can help you win more in this exciting game. Below are some useful tips that you’ll find useful in Crazy Time:

  • Bet on bonus segments. This will increase your chances of winning.
  • Don’t forget the theory of probability. If a bonus round never comes up 10 times in a row, there is a chance that it will come up on the following spins.
  • Evaluate your chances of winning. Always keep in mind that the Crazy Time has an RTP of 96.08%. However, the situation is different for slots that have a fixed RTP. That’s because the RTP can change depending on what players decide to bet on.
  • Pay attention to moderation. You should take care of your gaming budget, no matter how you play so that you don’t lose a lot of money. For best results, it is advisable to allocate a budget that does not exceed the amount you can afford to lose.
1 – 96,08% 5 – 95,78% Pachinko – 94,33% Coin Flip – 95,70%
2 – 95,95% 10 – 95,73% Cash Hunt – 95,27% Crazy Time – 94,41%

Crazy Time gives you an experience you’ll never be able to forget. Place your bets now and win giant sums on every spin. A lot of fun and a decent amount of excitement awaits you with Evolution Gaming.

Crazy Time FAQ

  • Is Crazy Time available in Greece?

The game is available for fans both on officially licensed online casino sites in Greece and on the sites of international gaming operators. For example, Novibet.

  • Which casinos do you recommend to play?

First of all we recommend officially licensed sites by Greek gambling regulator. Their complete list is presented on our website with detailed reviews. For example, STOIXMAN.GR.

  • What is bonus mini-game?

This is a separate prize game, which allows the player to significantly increase his account through multiplier. By following certain rules of these mini-games, the player learns the multiplier by which his current account is multiplied.

  • What is the maximum winnings possible?

The maximum size of multiplier in bonus mini-games is x20,000.

  • How to deposit money bet and withdraw winnings?

To pay for the games in Crazy Time accepts all methods of payment available in general at online casinos. This includes bank cards and wallets Skrill, Neteller and other popular methods.

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